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Farmer’s Link has a similar product offering to Big Green Train. They specialize in Delivery and Mail Order delivery, they have average product discounts and promotions. The one issue is that they have really confusing conditions and rules about whom they deliver to and when they will deliver it. As a regular smoker, it would be very confusing about how and when I could order from them. Having said that, Famer’s Link is a fine business with good product selection and sensible pricing.

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Nice and fresh!

4 days ago
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Good times! Def recommend.

4 days ago
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nice buzz

1 week ago
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nice high

1 week ago
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hits nice

2 weeks ago
My go to, great stuff at a better price & same day...
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4 days ago

Budget Bud & Quick Weed Delivery at The Tip Of Your Fingers

Driving in the beautiful town of {{mpg_city}}, making sure everybody has their favourite cannabis products.

Whether you need a pound of loud chronic to share with your buddies or some pure, solvent-less extracts, we’ve got you covered.

Marijuana edibles like gummies and chocolates also benefit from same-day-delivery because they can be quite roughed up in the mail system, especially under the summer sun, when the heat can melt them. Our delivery drivers take the greatest care in ensuring your marijuana products arrive in top shape.

Ordering weed for delivery is also very convenient for when you run out of weed. Instead of waiting two days for the mailman or waiting in line at a dispensary, you can simply place an order and choose delivery at checkout. Our driver will arrive shortly with your products.

Sign Up FREE for Member Only Discounts

Big Green Train members get exclusive access to our carefully sourced Premium Weed and direct access to our extensive list of Budget Buds. Members also get access to exclusive deals and access to our complete catalog of Hash, Distillate, Kief, Vapes and Edibles products. Why are you still reading this? Sign up today!

Same Great Weed Products, Faster delivery

This option is also great for tourists or non-residents visiting beautiful {{mpg_city}}. Without a permanent address, it can be more challenging to ship weed to you. But with our delivery service, we can meet you anywhere in town, bringing you everything from concentrates, hash, flowers, edibles and CBD. This should make your trip to our city much more enjoyable. Ask our driver for cool stuff to do while high!

We are very proud of our new same-day delivery service in the GTA. Almost as proud as we are of the premium pre-rolls in our inventory. They are rolled with only the finest buds. Our motto is: No shake, never stems, no trim, quality bud only!” This could be perfect if you’re out and about in Toronto, hanging with friends, but you forgot your stash at home. Don’t interrupt your fun; let our delivery driver bring you a few pre-rolls for the day, and keep the party going!

Our service is quick, discreet and flexible, meaning we can accommodate any situation you may have. Our goal is to satisfy your weed needs in every order. Not sure which strain to choose between Indica and Sativa? Allow our Budtenders to help make your decision by explaining the different effects and benefits of marijuana.

If you’re stuck somewhere that doesn’t allow you to smoke, our team can bring you one of our odourless vape pens. They come filled with pure distillate, and we guarantee you’ll love the terpenes. Vaping is a discreet way of consuming cannabis indoors and outdoors alike. It would be best if you only bought vape pens or carts from reputable dispensaries like Big Green Train. Shady dispensaries have been known to add Vitamin E Acetate, which is deadly for the lungs.

The city of Toronto has a lot to offer and is home to amazing people. Make the most of your time here by staying medicated and improving your quality of life. For example, our Indica strains are perfect if you’re looking to combat pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms.

Any of these unfortunate symptoms can hit you at any time of the day, and we hope you will be less anxious, knowing your medicine can be delivered to you right away in just a few clicks. We genuinely believe every Canadian deserves the right to buy cannabis whenever they need it.

How it works

  • Select Home delivery at checkout, and you will be prompted to enter your address or the location you want. Our drivers are flexible, so you can get your weed delivered at home, at work, at the park, at the restaurant or anywhere else in Toronto.
  • Free shipping for orders over $138.

Please note delivery products are subject to limited daily inventory and may differ from our website.

Same Day Weed Delivery
All orders are delivered in discreet, smell-proof packaging so you can enjoy safely.

Ease of Mind

No need to stress over when your bud will arrive; our support team will update you on your order’s status as it happens! You will receive a text confirmation as soon as your order is processed, and your delivery driver will message you when they’re on the way. If there’s any problem or instructions, you wish to add, email us or contact us.

This is the way of the future. Getting weed delivered to the location you’re at. You can compare our new same-day-delivery service to UberEats for weed. Wherever you are in {{mpg_city}}, get your dose of THC and CBD from Big Green Train’s quick and discreet delivery service.

But what if you run out at night or outside of our operating schedule? We understand how important it is to unwind after a long day at work. And what better way to watch your favourite T.V show than to snack on our THC-infused gummies while you do so! In some cases. We can extend our delivery hours if you are in a jam and need weed delivered at night. While there’s no guarantee one of our drivers will be available, we usually try to accommodate our clients the best we can.

The legalization of weed has brought on many advantages for marijuana enthusiasts and patients. Big Green Train aims to keep up with current trends like same-day weed delivery to offer the good people of Toronto the reliability they need for their cannabis needs.

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