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Mail Order Marijuana in Prince Edward Island

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Buy weed online in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is an idyllic destination for most cross-Canada travellers. From its iconic red-sand beaches and lighthouses to its delicious seafood, the Island has a certain mysterious quality to it. Big Green Train is on a mission to offer the good people of Prince Edward’s Island all they need in terms of cannabis needs. From what we have seen so far, islanders have a great taste in weed!

HighRollas is in this business to help push the stoner culture forward, not exclusively for profit like the government. We care deeply about the whole process, from choosing only the most potent strains for growing to only picking out the finest nugs to deliver.

Whether you’re in Charlottetown or any surrounding area, we will ensure that you receive a quality product every time! Our customers are a priority at HighRollas, and since we’re operating from Ontario, you can be sure we have our East Coast neighbours’ best interest at heart.

What kind of marijuana products can you buy online in Prince Edward Island?

Here at Big Green Train, we pride ourselves in being known nation-wide for our top-notch selection of pre-rolls. We never use shake, stems or trims in our pre-roll, making for a one-of-a-kind experience every smoke session. You can relax at Singing Sands in Basin head and light up one of our joints without worrying about sideburns or harsh taste. Take the hassle out of rolling weed and enjoy this healing plant as soon as you receive it in the mail. Canada Post usually delivers packages in 2-3 business days.

We also have a great selection of flowers for those wishing to purchase more significant quantities. We only source strains that have exotic terpenes from the most experienced growers. Big Green Train is part of Canada’s top dispensaries offering popular phenotypes like Rockstar and Tangerine for an honest price. We do not overcharge like our competitors; check out our product page and see for yourself!

As you will see, we offer each Indica, Sativa and Hybrid with a wide array of T.H.C. percentages. The quality of flowers ranges from Budget (A) to Quad (AAAA).

If you’re looking for something special that you won’t find in PEICannabisCorp stores, our selection of unique disposable vape pens will give you something fun to try. The perfect product for the stoner on the go in the streets of Summerside, these disposable vape pens are filled with premium distillate and no harmful additives like Acetone or Vitamin E.

CBD for healing

Our Touch of Gold CBD Tinctures brings out all the benefits CBD can bring. Recently all over the news, CBD is an up-and-coming treatment option for those suffering from Chronic pain, bowel issues, anxiety, and so much more! Made with 99% Pure CBD Oil Isolate, Organic MCT Oil & Organic Natural Flavors like Bubble Gum.

Unique Edibles

Order THC-infused edibles in Ontario with fast Xpress shipping from Canada Post and experience the world of edibles. Different from smoking cannabis, allow up to one hour for edibles to take effect. Users have reported it to be more of a body high and ideal for couch-lock situations.

For example, our Juicy Watermelon Gummies taste so good and come in a package with ten gummy candies for a total of 400mg T.H.C.

Also, note that we are now amongst the first dispensaries that carry and offer Sublingual Strips to Ontario residents aged 21+. Like an L.S.D. Tab, sublingual strips use your oral mucosa to deliver T.H.C. quickly and effectively into your bloodstream. This takes the waiting out of edibles, making it a preferable experience for many!

Prince Edward Island's favourite strain

Through the data we’ve gathered, we’ve concluded that Prince Edward Island’s favourite strain is:

Island Pink Kush (Hybrid)

Island Pink is an Indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% Sativa) derived from a mix of the iconic Pink Kush and another unknown indica hybrid strain. Island Pink Kush can be grown differently, but the end product is always beautiful! Bright Green buds in spade shape with light orange hair running through give it a vague pink appearance. These sticky nugs are covered in trichomes, and the aroma is of pungent skunk, and fresh vanilla and sweet florals are released. The flavour follows the same profile, with a sweet vanilla candy overtone accented by fresh, flowery skunk and earth. This hybrid will bring you a wave of euphoria as soon as you smoke it, making it great for treating mental ailments.

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